Our 8th  life member

Pamela Martin came to the Goldfields in the 80s as a midwife at Maternity at the Kalgoorlei Regional Hospital and may well have delivered a few our children and grand children.
She is a passionate advocate for Womens health in the Goldfields and an amazing clinician who has given over 30 years to Goldfelds families. Her dedication and expertise was rewarded, and she quickly progressed to management as she is a life long learner she collected many qualifications along the way, developing her child health nursing and mentoring many of her collegues who continually sing her praises.
Pamela and her husband Eddie have sold their Hannans home and are off down south to the cooler climate in Capel ,  Pamela optimises the qualities  of the GWHCC  and her life long commitment to womens health in the Goldfields is to be acknowledged and congratulated.  President Ali Kent was thrilled to induct Pamela to be our 8th  life member on Thursday 6th December 2018.