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Goldfields Women’s Health Care Centre (GWHCC) is almost in its thirtieth year of operations in 2017, during which time the organisation has grown and evolved to become an established part of the Goldfields community.  The initial vision was to provide health information for women, however three decades on and the plan has long developed to include health clinics, support groups, information seminars, community events and a range of well-being and alternative health services.  While the journey has not always been smooth sailing, the resilience and strength of organisation has meant challenges were overcome and the organisation continues to remain successful in delivering health services to women and their families.

By 2020 Goldfields Women's Health Care Centre will be at the forefront in delivering an extensive range of diverse and valued services that support the health care, well-being and individual growth of Goldfields women and their families.

The Goldfields Women's Health Care Centre advocates, promotes and supports services for women and families to improve their health and well-being.


Exceptional Quality Service    We pride ourselves in providing a friendly, supportive and efficient service, understanding of our diverse client's needs.
Human Dignity     Inclusiveness, equality and respect are our guiding values when working with our community, stakeholders and each other.
Integrity      Integral to all aspects of our organisation and culture, we embrace honesty, trust and  authenticity
Professional and Confidential     Confidentiality, responsibility and commitment are paramount to us  in delivering a credible and professional service
Strategic Partnerships     Critical to our success, we continually seek to pursue effective stakeholder relations, communications and collaborations
Leadership     Through innovative thinking, flexibility  and proactivity we promote organisational and community growth

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