Goldfields Women's Health Care Centre


The Goldfields Women's Health Care Centre offers a diverse range of women's health services, including counselling and running clinics on a number of different issues women face in today's world. The Centre prides itself on offering these quality services to all women living locally, giving them access to health information and services tailored specifically for women.

Some of the services provided at the Centre are:

  • Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling
  • Well Women's Clinic
  • GP Clinic - Plaza Medical Centre
  • Massage -  Relax Focus Create with Leonie Ivey
  • Mindfulness Meditation/Personal Growth Mentoring with Iris Haynes
  • Pilates facilitated by Kezia Duncan - Precision Movement Pilates
  • Tai Chi facilitated by Kezia Duncan - Precision Movement Pilates
  • Cardio Pilates facilited by Kezia Duncan - Precison Movement Pilates
  • Meditation facilitated by Iris Haynes - Nurture Yourself Mentor
  • Support Groups

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