Goldfields Women's Health Care Centre

Education & Information

Information Packages

The Centre produces the following packages which each contain a number of pamphlets on specific subjects. They are free of charge.

  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Mental Health
  • Incontinence

Information involving more women's health issues are also available at the Centre.

Self Development Courses

Courses, seminars and workshops are held throughout the year. Call the Centre to find out when programs are running.


The library has a selection of resources covering most aspects of women's health. Anyone may read or view items in the library, but borrowing rights are restricted to members of the Centre.


Membership to the Centre is available for those who wish to borrow resources from the library. Members pay $20 annually and receive a monthly newsletter.


The newsletter contains details on forthcoming events and articles of interest, being sent on a monthly schedule to all members.

Upcoming Events

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