Disability Access & Inclusion  

The Goldfields Women’s Health Care Assocation Inc. is commited to facilitating  inclusion of people with disabilites through the improvement of access to it premises, events and services. 
We plan for better access and inclusion to enable the delivery of quality care to all who engage our services. 
The GWHCA Inc. completed a disability access audit in August 2008 carried out by Peter Jones, Architect, in collaboration with the Independent Living Centre WA. 

The GWHCA Inc. has achieved its first Quality Accreditation with Quality Innovation Performance Ltd   in July 2017.
As an organisation we have developed and reviewed all policies and procedures to ensure we are compliant and delivering the best practice as per National Standards for Disability.  

We are committed to developing a Disability Action & Inclusion Plan and conduct a needs assessment audit to identify and address any barriers to community engagement or service provision.

We are making significant improvements and are developing suitable intake forms, referral records, waiting lists, website and consumer feedback specific to accessibility.