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Your Toolkit is a comprehensive resource containing information to assist women and children facing domestic violence and financial abuse transition to becoming independent, empowered and financially resilient. Your Toolkit is specifically tailored for their circumstance and provides crucial information in relation to personal finances as well as other relevant information that will assist them on their journey to independence. 

 Your Toolkit has a menu-based approach that makes information easy to access, not overwhelming and available when it’s needed. Information is provided for different stages of the women’s journey: 
• Preparing to Leave or “Prepare”; 

• Time to Go or “Launch”;  

• Things to do when you leave home – Early Days or “Nourish”; and  

• Moving Forward – Longer Term or “Flourish”. "

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Please see below some other webinars/videos which may be of interest:

*Menopause 101: Women's stuff

Dr Sonia Davison, Jean Hailes Endocrinologist


*Sexual Health & Health Checks

Dr Keryn Rae, Jean Hailes Women’s Health GP

*How to nurture good mental wellbeing

Caroline Anderson, Psychologist

 *Food as medicine

Sandra Villella Jean Hailes Naturopath

*Is it worry or anxiety? 

Dr Mandy Deeks, Psychologist

*Your pelvic flaw (floor)

Anne Patterson, Women’s Health Physiotherapist