Counselling service 

 Sometimes we experience challenges in life that affect our sense of wellness and ability to live life to the fullest.

Talking with a professionally trained counsellor can help you make sense of your experience in a safe and supportive space.

Counselling can bring new perspectives to your thinking and support you with any changes you may find helpful.

 Counselling can also provide a space just to share how you are feeling

Counselling can be useful for those seeking support with:

  • Mental health distress such as depression or anxiety
  •  Problematic relationships
  •  Life transitions
  •  Post traumatic stress
  •  Childhood trauma / sexual abuse
  •  Self esteem
  •  Unplanned pregnancy

A variety of therapies can be drawn on to support you through your individual experience.  There is no “expert” in the counselling relationship as you are the expert of your life!  

 Counselling is completely confidential.