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Tuesday 10th September 9am
We will be meeting at the main carpark entrance

Join GWHCC and KBULG for a guided bushwalk through the beautiful Karkula Park (57 Paddington Drive, Kalgoorlie)
Following the walk we will be supplying a lovely morning tea.

This is a FREE event and everyone is welcome!

Mindfulness Mediation Information night

Mindfulness Mediation Information night

Mindfulness is a way to train your brain to become more aware of the enjoyments in your daily life. Like working out your body it takes time to develop the muscle.
If you have wondered what the benefits could be, join Iris for a taster of the  8-week mindful meditation where you will learn about the pillars of mindfulness.

- Non-Judging
- Patience
- Trust
- Non-striving
- Acceptance
- Letting go
- Beginners Mindfulness 

All welcome 

Tai Chi with Di Everitt

Tai Chi with Di Everitt

Join Di and discover the benefits Tai chi..

A form of exercise that began as a Chinese tradition. It’s based in martial arts, and involves slow movements and deep breaths.
Tai chi has many physical and emotional benefits including decreased stress and anxiety and is a form of mediatation. 

Mums & Bubs Post Pregnancy Pilates

Mums & Bubs Post Pregnancy Pilates

Facilitated by Mel a qualified physiotherapist, the sessions are designed for fun and to regain fitness post pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pilates Term 3

Pregnancy Pilates Term 3

Facilitated by Laura, a qualified physiotherapist who will show you how to maintain and improve your fitness during pregnancy. 


A frank discussion with Laura about:

Incontinence with bladder/ bowel
Pelvic Floor problems
Bladder and Bowel Health
Pelvic Organ prolapse

She will be sharing exercise and management strategies.
Registration is essential


Have you ever wondered what Tai Chi is like?
Join Di to discuss the health and well being benefits and  participate in the demonstration. 

Mat Based Pilates Term 3

Mat Based Pilates Term 3

Mat Pased  Pilates program Term 3 .

We are thrilled you are enjoying the benefits of Diane and her wonderful team of fully qualified physiotherapists from Goldfields Physio facilitating the sessions.

While the GWHCC will still be supplementing the cost of the classes, to remain financially viable we have had to make a small increase to fees effective beginning  Term 3.

Thank you for your understanding, please feel free to contact Gloria Moyle  on  0407711445 or  if you have an concerns or feedback.


We can Help

We can Help

Are you facing an Unplaned Pregnancy?
You may be confused about what to do, but remember, the choice is yours. 
Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk to a trained health professional in a safe and confidential environment about your options.

Give us a call or email administration for more information. 


Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea brings people together to raise funds that will make a big difference to those impacted by cancer. The idea is simple, just get your friends, colleagues or community together over some tea and treats, and help fund Cancer Council’s life-saving research, prevention, support programs, and information                 

Join the GWHCC to raise funds for Cancer Council's Australias biggest Morning Tea   .
Connect with others, share stories,recipes and do your bit to to help the 1 in 2 Australians are diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85..


The Goldfields Women's Heath Care Centre are holding a movie night as a fundraiser for the centre.

Aladdin Premier Movie Night - Thursday May 23rd 6:15pm

Adults: $25
Under 12: $20
Tickets include a small popcorn & drink

Door Prize and raffle on the night

Tickets available for pickup from the GWHCC, 15 Dugan Street.


Attention all Mums to Be! We will be starting a Pregnancy Pilates Course in Term 2 May 20th-July 1 (6 weeks) $75 
Monday 5-5:45pm. Faciliated by Goldfields Physio
To register pls contact the centre on 90 218266 or email

Welcome to the GWHCC

Welcome to the GWHCC

The GWHCC is thrilled to announce that  Veronica Chong, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, with a Bachelor of Social Work, post Graduate studies in Developmental Psychiatry and a Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,  is operating at the centre.  Veronica has many years experience in the area of working with children and adolescence. She works effectively and ethically from a systemic and evidence-based perspective with clients who present significant risk; children, youth and their families who presented with mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

Veronica is a passionate people-person,and gains satisfaction both personally and professionally from building strong, productive relationships with people, her family members, and the wider community; one who is consistently motivated to make a positive difference to the community and organisations.
You can self refer or utilise a GP referral to the Better Access program which gives you subsidised sessions.
For more information please contact 90 218266 or Veronica on 0475718768.



FREE INFORMATION SESSION - Physiotherapy Advice After Birth
Monday May 13th 5-6pm

Topics discussed on the night:

*exercise after bub
*managing common issues following pregnancy and child birth
*breast feeding positions and care
*sexual health and returning to intimacy
*pelvic floor health and more!

Please register through the GWHCC Event Page


FREE INFORMATION SESSION - Physiotherapy Advice During Pregnancy
Monday May 6th 5-6pm

Topics discussed on the night:
*exercise during pregnancy
*postural changes
*abdominal separation
*pelvic, lower back & pubic pain
*pelvic floor & bladder/bowel health
*managing all the above & more

Please register your interest through the GWHCC Events Page 


Term 2 Mat Based Pilates
May 7th - June 25th - 8 week course
Facilitated by Goldfields Physiotherapy
Cost - $120 Members & $160 Non Members, payable in advance
Please contact the centre on 90 218266 or email to register


Access to sanitary items is a right not a privilege!!
So during the month of April the centre will be a drop off point for anyone wanting to donate any sanitary items for Share the Dignity #dignitydrive.
Donate today and help those in need.


Starting at the centre on Thursday's from 28th March 9.30-10.30am. $10 per class. Facilitated by a qualified physiotherapist from Goldfields Physio
Contact the centre on 90 218266 or email to register.


Black Dog Ride - Sunday 17th March - Aims to start the national conversation about depression and suicide prevention.

For more information contact Kathy Nikolaiyjenko mobile: 0430 447 785 email: