Sexual Assault Support Service

The Goldfield Womens Health Care Centre (GWHCC) now provides Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) and counselling to people who have been sexually assaulted or sexually abused at some time in the past (there are no restrictions based on how long ago the assault or abuse took place).

SASS counsellors are experienced in providing counselling to deal with the aftermath of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

 In counselling, clients will meet face to face with a counsellor after they have first made contact with SASS by phone 08 90218266 or mob 0499167639 or interagency referral.

The counsellor will focus on the client’s feelings and emotional reactions and together with the client, explore strategies to help them to recover from the trauma and to feel in control of their lives. Clients will not be forced to talk about anything they do not want to talk about.

In counselling, clients can expect to:

  • Be treated with dignity, respect and understanding 
  • Be believed 
  • Have an opportunity to express feelings and thoughts without being judged 
  • Receive accurate information 
  • Make decisions in their own time 
  • Communicate in their own language, with the help of an interpreter if required 

A counselling session is usually 50 minutes to 1 hour in length.  As a general guide, SASS can offer up to 10 counselling sessions per client, and there are no fees.

GWHCC is a safe space

Supporting healthy lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgender, intersex, queer and other sexuality, gender, and bodily diverse people and communities throughout the Goldfields and the world, free from stigma and discrimination.

The GWHCC were thrilled to be involved in Seniors week actives at the Eastern Goldfields Community Centre.  This week iis celebrated to encourages people of all ages to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of seniors in our  wonderful community.

The Goldfields Womens Health Care Centre will be holding its Annual General Meeting :

•             Date:                     Tuesday 13 December 2022

•             Time:                     5.30pm for a 6pm Start

•             Venue:                 Hannans Club  Brookman St Kalgoorlie

The Agenda will include:-

•             Presidents Address

•             Confirmation of the 2021 minutes

•             Annual, Financial and Auditors Reports

•             Election of Officer Bearers

You must be a financial member to vote, if you cannot attend the AGM please email me or send a proxy vote with another member.

Register low to confirm your attendance or email

Something Pink and GWHCC have teamed up

Do you need financial assistance for breast cancer treatment?
Financial assistance is now available for breast cancer patients (or those with long-term illness or disability relating to breast cancer) in the Goldfields region, and can be claimed for:

• Transport, accommodation and associated expenses for patients undergoing medical treatment away from the Goldfields region
• Quality of life equipment
• Home visits and services

Please contact our CEO Gloria 0407711445 or the amazing GWHCC team on 90218266 or  email

Please welcome our newest member of the team, Zoe!

"I am absolutely stoked to be working at GWHCC as a counsellor as I am completing my psychology registration program. I have always enjoyed working in the not-for-profit space and providing help and support to those that need it. My passion is working from person-centred therapy modalities and holistic approaches. I have previously worked in drug and alcohol treatment for adults and young people. My treatment interests include working with trauma, personality disorders and attachment, as well as supporting and growing our healthy adult.

I was born in Kalgoorlie and lived here until I was about 5 before moving to be closer to family, eventually coming back to my hometown and absolutely loving it. I love spending time outside and in nature, especially with my dog. I have just returned from a 6-month holiday travelling around Australia and experiencing all the beauty our home has to offer. I love travelling and experiencing new things, learning everything I can and sharing with those around me. I aspire to make a positive impact on those around me and think we can all continue to learn from each other throughout our lives. I can’t wait to see where this job takes me and to be more involved in our community."