The GWHCC are thrilled to be the beneficiaries of the Goldfields Oasis  GROUPIES CHALLENGE !!! 

REGISTER - At Goldfields Oasis Reception
Registration fee - $15 raising money and awareness for the Goldfields Women's Health Care Centre
All registration fees donated to GWHCC!
Collect your class card from reception

All participants who complete 30 classes go in the draw for the chance to win a $500 voucher to a local business of your choice!

For further information, please contact our reception team on 9021 0900.

Are you looking for a way to contribute to our local community?

The Goldfields Women’s Health Care Centre offers memberships to community members looking to improve health outcomes for fellow Goldfields women via access to vital health services such as education & information services, counselling, support services and well women’s clinics. 

The funding we receive also assists us to have a community presence at events such as the Spring Festival and to host our very popular International Womens Day event.

Memberships are only $20 per annum and ensures that the GWHCC can continue to provide our vital services to the Goldfields Community.

We’d love to have you join up, follow the link through to our Membership page to join now

The Goldfields Women’s Health Care Centre offers Infant and Perinatal Counselling with Nicole Wade, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse.

Perinatal mental health refers to the emotional and psychological wellbeing of a parent around the time of conception through to 12 months after a baby is born (the perinatal period).

The baby blues refers to women feeling teary, sad or irritable in the early days after giving birth (usually 7-10 days). New mothers experiencing the baby blues is common (up to 80% of mothers) and usually just lasts a couple of days. 

However, if you are still feeling down after two weeks, talking to a professional such as Nicole is a good idea. 

There are a number of mental health disorders that are unique to the perinatal period in which parents may need to seek professional help. 

Mental health disorders that may be experienced during the perinatal period include:

Depression – antenatal and/or postnatal (up to 1 in 7 mothers and around 1 in 10 fathers)

Anxiety disorders – antenatal and/or postnatal (thought to be more common than depression and can occur on its own or co-occur with depression for either parent)

Postpartum psychosis is a psychiatric emergency– requires immediate medical attention (rare, 1-2 in 1000 mothers)

 Contact the GWHCC on t: 08 9021 8266 or e:

Facilitated by Physiotherapist Erika Diaz the Post Pregnancy Pilates Class will run over 10 weeks from 21 July to 22 September.

Two sessions are available;

9am - 10am  and,
10.30am - 11.30am.

Why Post Pregnancy Pilates?

Post Pregnancy Pilates is an excellent way to target those muscles most affected by childbirth and pregnancy. Pilates assists with increasing your level of fitness in preparation for returning to other forms of exercise . 

Let's kick off July with an amazing offer for our Members!  Goldfields Chiropractic & Healing Centre is the exclusive local stockist of Supacore compression wear. The only patented compression technology in the world that can assist with pelvic instability, pre AND post-natal pain, hamstring injuries, hip pain and osteitis pubis!!

Supacore’s premium Coretech range uses body mapping engineering to mimic the body’s core stability system and provide targeted compression throughout the pelvis and the core muscles. If an injury is sustained, the core support provided by Coretech can help stabilise the pelvis and allow the healing process to take place. Their seamless knitting technology provides not only comfort, it also helps reduce any potential chaffing during those warmer months AND reduces the wear and tear which means these products will last longer than most others!

They are an essential component of any female wardrobe as they are ideal for BOTH mothers, athletes or anyone suffering low back pain issues!